Video of still shots taken before and after the wedding from the fabulous Mr Logan Crow!

Justin, Joe and Benny dish out the dirt and bring on the tears with their funny, touching and memorable speeches at the wedding. 

Just married! 

Just married! 

My vows to Sylvia

Now that I already told her….

Today I promise to you Sylvia, my love, my life, my friendship, my support, my laughter and my heart. I promise to be faithful and to keep you and keep our family first in my heart in all that I do for as long as I live. I promise to encourage you in all of your dreams and to stand by your side. I promise to lift you up, to hold your hand, to kiss you goodnight and to cherish you for the amazingly beautiful, kind and tender woman that you are. Today I give you my hand, since you already have my heart. I promise all of these things to you today and every tomorrow. 

This was the first picture Sylvia and I ever took together. 

This was the first picture Sylvia and I ever took together. 

In one week from today

I will be putting on my wedding suit

Shining my new black dress shoes

Checking with Benny that my tie and gigline are sharp

Having Justin hold the ring and maybe sneak me a drink from the bar

Hugging Sean cause I’ll be nervous and he always makes me smile

High-fiving Sarah cause I know she’ll make me laugh

Wait for my queue. 

Hold my mom’s hand as we walk down the aisle together

Smile at all of the people who came from around the world to be with us

Take my place. 

and then I’ll wait. 

and then I’ll never have to wait again. 

Brought to you by The Number 9

I made a mixed CD of some of the songs that we’re having in our wedding so I could cry now and not get all mushy while its happening at the wedding. Imagine it: Annie, driving into work, sitting in downtown LA traffic, sobbing like a little baby to the song that Sylvia and I will share our first dance as a married couple to. Its a sight, really. 

I’m always making mental notes of who is walking and when to the intro song. (and no Im not telling what the songs are, its gonna be a surprise!) The wedding party is in 4’s meaning four on Sylvia’s side and four on mine. We’ve paired them off and according to the song if they all walk out in about 40 second increments the my walk down the aisle will be perfectly timed. Then of course is the grand-grand entrance of my beautiful bride Sylvia. She gets her own song cause she’s special like that. Also, its the only song I dont actually have on my mixed CD and I just know its going to be total water works for me when it finally plays. Good thing I dont wear mascara. 

So yes, I’m trying to get myself worked up about everything now so all of our pictures of me from my wedding dont have snot and tears all over my face. I’m pretty certain its not going to help, but its nice to listen and day dream of our day which is now only 9 DAYS AWAY. Holy shit biscuits. I found some fun facts about the #9 to distract myself with yet another diversion. 

  • Only about one ninth of the mass of an iceberg is visible above the water. Nearly all its bulk remains hidden beneath the surface. 
  • On cloud nine means happy, euphoric or `high’. The phrase came into use in the 1950s from a term used by the US Weather Bureau. For the meteorologists Cloud Nine is cumulo-nimbus cloud at a height of 10 km, which is high even by the standard of clouds. 
  • The 9 of diamonds - the playing card - is sometimes called the Curse of Scotland. 
  • The expression to the nines means to the highest degree. Someone dressed “to the nines” is dressed up as much as they can be.
  • The sum of the digits of the number added to 9 is always equal to the sum of the digits of the result. Take any four digit number and try the trick. Ex: 9 + 17 = 26. 1 + 7 = 8 & 2 + 6 = 8
10 Days To Go

Wait…you only me we have 10 days until the wedding?

Like, less than 2 weeks we’re already be done with the wedding and just sitting around being married. What exactly do married people do all day? So weird.

Lately Sylvia and I have been working out the minor details, which apparently are way more time consuming than the bigger stuff. Venue? No problem. Caterer? Done. Finding grass the right shade of peacock blue to the basket of our gift table? REALLY HARD!! I know that these tiny things wont really matter in the long run, but I’m really anal about the stupidest things, so it is what it is. I literally spent a whole night trimming feathers because I thought they were to “feather-ish”. Our 2nd bedroom is packed full of picture frames, center pieces and other decore that we need to finish. 

I tried on my wedding suit again and found that my neck is shrinking? Weird. I took the shirt to the tailor and she said it wouldnt be cheap but she could fix it. Oy vey. I’d rather pay up than look like Im 10 and I borrowed my father’s suit. Speaking of my father, he wasn’t invited. He’s never met Sylvia, nor does he know Im even getting married. Sylvia and I have been together for about 4 years now, and I haven’t spoken to him since before I even met Sylvia. It was a hard decision to make, to not include him. The way I see it…if you’re not around for the every day stuff in the life of your kid, you don’t get to be rewarded with being apart of the good stuff. That’s all I have to say about that. Besides, the RSVP list is booked solid….like beyond solid. Like a brick kinda solid. ::fist bump::

In other news: Sylvia found her shoes! Huzzah. No more 3-hour mall trips for me! 

Give me the gun.

Sylvia and I have quickly learned that the registration process is time consuming and kind of exhausting. We both feel really weird about the whole gift thing, but friends and family persisted that we hurry up and register so that they can shower us with gifts. Umm…OKAY!!

As soon as I got into the right mind set, I was sprinting across the BedBath&Beyond aisles scanning this and registering for that. BB&B takes the wedding registration process very seriously. We were sat with a “wedding consultant” who asked us all about our wedding and tried to sell us on the really expensive stuff. We didnt bite because we realize we’re already going beyond our comfort level in asking for gifts, let alone the fancy stuff. And really, how fancy does it get at Bed Bath and Beyond? Not very. The lady was all set to start walking around with us and scanning with us, but I wanted to hold the gun and how awkward would having a third person there be? I told her she could sit this one out and give me the gun cause I totally got this. Apparently there are TONS of things there that I really need. Sylvia was thoughtful and good at stopping me for registering for every single “AS SEEN ON TV” item in the store. BB&B also tried to print up a bunch of slips that we could include in our invitations, but we declined since we’re doing just about everything online and trying to kill less trees, lower carbon footprints, yada yada…

Next stop, Target aka Gay Mecca, as Sylvia says. Let me tell you, it was a sad day in the Parkhurst household when we had to be good gays and boycott them for their stupid political donations. But now that everyone has forgotten about that stuff we’re back on Target like a bum on a baloney sandwich. The registration process at Target is a lot more fun and less formal. You tell them your name, they give you a cute little wedding packet of treats/coupons and of course the magical scanner gun. I’ll hold that. 

By the end of Target’s registration process we had spent about 5 hours walking up and down aisles, agreeing on this and that with the occasional, “I dont care if its an iPAD and it costs 600 maybe someone rich will find our registry and buy it for us” conversations. It was a fun day together, and really awesome knowing that some of the items we’ll have with us for many years, maybe even pass down to our kids or grandkids. Wow, I wonder what their wedding restration process will be like? They’ll probly be on StarTrek’s holideck and just “make it so” without hours of walking.

I like the future.